Anne of Green Gables

A straw hat, red-haired braids and a pinafore define Canada’s most loved fictional character, Anne of Green Gables. Meet the head-strong orphan and re-live her youthful escapades and mishaps within the memory-filled rooms of her home – Green Gables – where images from the blockbuster 1908 novel blend with the real life experiences of local author Lucy Maud Montgomery, who drew inspiration from the idyllic farmstead and its red woodland pathways.

Green Gables Heritage Place is located in Prince Edward Island National Park, an expanse of sandy beaches and rolling farmland on the north shore of Prince Edward Island. It is 40 kilometres from the provincial capital, Charlottetown. It’s open from May to October. In July and August there are a broad range of interpretive activities offered here.

The Green Gables farm was owned by the MacNeill family, who were cousins of author Lucy Maud Montgomery. The farm’s name is derived from the rich dark green paint of the gables on the farmhouse. The main exterior walls of the farmhouse are painted white.

Montgomery visited the farm as a young girl and based the location of her best-selling Anne series of books on the Green Gables farm. She drew romantic inspiration from the house, as well as the surrounding area, including the “Haunted Woods”, “Lovers’ Lane”, and “Balsam Hollow.”


正如朱丽叶与维罗纳所做的那样,虚构的绿山墙安妮已经捕捉到读者和观众的想象力,以至于她用自己的魔力为她的故事注入了灵感。安妮的作者露西莫德蒙哥马利就住在绿屋农舍,绿山墙周围的土地属于蒙哥马利的叔叔,她经常在小时候去过。现在是一个国家历史遗址。同样在卡文迪什,您可以游览蒙哥马利的童年故居,那里有她的作品集合出售。有着主题公园的气氛,Avonlea村是一组基于书中所描述的村庄的复制品(和一些原始的)建筑物中的餐饮场所和商店。花园很漂亮。在新伦敦,你可以访问Lucy Maud Montgomery的出生地,看看她的个人剪贴簿上的一些故事和诗歌。有一个绿山墙博物馆的安妮在Park Corner的Campbell Homestead,收集了蒙哥马利纪念品还可以乘坐马车。

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