The City of Charlottetown is a flourishing community of approximately 40500 people located on the south shore of Prince Edward Island. Charlottetown is the capital city of Prince Edward Island and is called the “Birthplace of Confederation” after the historic 1864 Charlottetown Conference which led to Confederation. 

Charlottetown is rich in history and culture, with major cultural and sporting events year round. Located in the city are many provincial and federal offices, health and educational institutions. Charlottetown has the finest deep water harbour in Canada. The entire city is in a safe and clean environment.

Charlottetown might be a small city, but it’s bursting with big energy and infectious island vibes. It’s got all the charm and hospitality PEI is famous for, plus culinary experiences and an arts and culture scene that take visitors by surprise—in the best way possible. Come and explore the home of Confederation. It doesn’t get more Canadian than this!

Soak in the romance and nostalgia of our postcard-perfect streetscapes. Wander along a boardwalk where lobster boats and cruise ships cozy up. Stay in a B&B that will give you serious Anne energy. Sound good? It’s time to discover Charlottetown.


PEI是加拿大最小的省份之一,也是最可爱的省份之一。 Micmac First Nations传奇故事讲述了神Glooscap如何描绘世界上所有美丽的地方,然后将他的画笔浸入各种颜色,并创造了他最喜欢的岛屿Abegweit。这里位于圣劳伦斯湾,岛上气温宜人。夏洛特敦拥有维多利亚时代的魅力和令人惊讶的小镇风情。遗产建筑,包括华丽的圣邓斯坦大教堂,优雅的比肯斯菲尔德历史建筑,还有古老的城市街道。联邦艺术中心是这个城市的主要文化中心,有艺术画廊,博物馆和剧院。每年夏天都会演奏音乐剧“绿山墙的安妮”。在中心的街对面坐落着省议院国家历史遗址,它于1864年举办了夏洛特敦会议,讨论联邦成立的问题。直到1873年,PEI才真正加入联邦。
对参观者而言的一大亮点是美丽的维多利亚街(Victoria Row),这是一条保存完好的维多利亚式建筑的交通街道,位于联邦艺术中心(Confederation Center of the Arts)以南。许多这些以前的房子现在都成为了精品店和餐馆。一条可爱的小路横穿港口,通往维多利亚公园,这里是历史悠久的防御工事所在地太子电池。您还可以乘坐双层巴士,在夏洛特敦进行一小时城市亮点的巴士之旅,轻松地游览这座迷人的城市。您将看到所有主要景点是:省议院,比肯斯菲尔德,历史悠久的乔治街,中尉总督府,维多利亚公园和迷人的住宅区。

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