Education in PEI

Prince Edward Island’s public school system has an English school district named the Public Schools Branch, as well as a Francophone district, the Commission scolaire de langue française. The English language districts have a total of 10 secondary schools and 54 intermediate and elementary schools while the Francophone district has 6 schools covering all grades.

Three public post-secondary institutions operate in the province, including one university, and two colleges. The University of Prince Edward Island is the province’s only public university. It was created by the Island legislature to replace Prince of Wales College and St. Dunstan’s University. UPEI is also home to the Atlantic Veterinary College, which offers the region’s only veterinary medicine program.

Collège de l’Île, and Holland College are two public colleges that operate in the province; the former being a French first language institution, while the latter was an English first language institution. Holland College included specialised facilities such as the Atlantic Police Academy, Marine Training Centre, and the Culinary Institute of Canada.

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