Road Drive

Prince Edward Island is made for road drives. Pack your camera, make room on your phone and go to our coastal drives.  These drives are ones you won’t want to forget. The drives are clearly marked with colourful signage, but don’t worry, there is no wrong turn on the Island. Each road just leads to a new adventure.

Stop and stretch your legs while exploring Charlottetown with its small city vibe and coastal backdrop! Whatever you are dreaming of, we know you will find it here.

The designation of Scenic Heritage Roads became possible in 1987 when the Provincial Government passed regulations under the Planning Act limiting activities that may take place there with the intent of protecting and preserving some of these scenic and cultural refuges. As of 2005, eleven of these special places have become Designated Scenic Heritage Roads.

The adjacent landowners play a vital part in the protection of these roads. Many, realizing the importance of this part of our heritage, have voluntarily entered into simple agreements with the Island Nature Trust to protect a strip of woodland or hedgerow adjacent to the government right- of-way. 

 Without this “buffer zone” many of the lovely canopies on these roads would disappear.

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